Practice Areas

Belle Communications can help your firm or association with any of its communications needs, from editing a report, crafting a proposal, to transforming your newsletter, magazine, or web site.

Whether you require support on a single document or assistance for a long-term project, we can improve the way you relate to your customers. Belle Communications can work for you in any of the following practice areas.

Proposal Coaching

Winning new business is the lifeblood of any organization. Are you pleased with your overall proposal strategy? Is your “hit rate” up to industry standards? Belle Communications can help you improve your proposal performance and keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Publications/Technical Writing

How do you develop new reports or publications that must appeal to a broad audience yet at the same time have credibility with your organization’s leading experts and practitioners? Belle Communications will produce copy that is technically sophisticated yet easily readable.

Technical Editing

When editing previously written text, you cannot be intimidated by the reputation of the author. The mission remains maintaining the highest technical standards while crafting text that is interesting, approachable, and compelling. Belle Communications will take the existing document and make it “sing.”

Communications Audit

Most organizations acknowledge that a regular financial audit is critical to maintaining the highest fiduciary standards, but somehow assume that communications products will take care of themselves. This is a recipe for failure. We will review your external communications — newsletter, magazine, membership brochure, promotional material, web site, twitter feed, and other elements — to determine how well you are delivering your message. Your audience is changing and Belle Communications will make sure that your materials reflect this change.

Awards Programs

Developing and implementing an awards program is not a vanity exercise. It’s a strategy to showcase the best your industry produces and is also often an effective revenue producer. If you’ve never developed an awards program, or you recognize that yours is not yet world class, then Belle Communications can help you develop the evaluation criteria, issue a call for entries, convene a jury, and hold the event — and everything in between. Belle Communications can also help you participate more effectively in your industry’s awards competitions.